Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Space Lesson

This week we are learning about space. With it still being dark fairly early my little one had gotten very curious about the stars and moon so we decided to spend a week on space. Here are a few things that we did during that week. Good luck little Astronauts! 

Star-cave - Dramatic Play, Sensory, Gross and Fine Motor

Needed Items:
  • A large box. (I used our XL dog kennel)
  • Construction or Card Stock paper
  • String or yarn of some sort
  • Flash Light
  • Cost $0.00

What to do:
  1. Cut the paper into stars of various shapes.
  2. Suspend stars from the top of the  "cave"
  3. Tape Stars to the sides of the "cave"
  4. Drape a blanket over the cave so it is completely dark
  5. Give child a flash light and let him explore!

    Getting ready to explore our Star Cave!
 Inside our star cave! 

We counted stars, and talked about constellations!  

Make a shooting star - Fine Motor / Art / Creativity

Needed Items:
  • Pom-poms or a collage material
  • Construction or Card Stock paper
  • Paint
  • Popsicle stick
  • Ribbon or streamers
  • Cost $0.50

What to do:
  1. Have a large star cut for your child to use.
  2. Invite them to paint it.
  3. Invite them to glue collage material on it.
  4. Once dry glue or tape it to Popsicle stick 
  5. Add ribbons 
  6. Let the fun begin!

Dinosaur Study

 This week we have been learning about Dinosaurs!  It was an unexpected direction of study but I was happy to follow him on the adventure path he created!

Dinosaur Skin! - Art / Texture / Patterning
Needed items:
  • Washable Paint - We mixed green and brown
  • Paper Plates - 2 
  • Bubble Wrap - We had ours saved from packages we received
  • Total Expense - $0.00
How To:
  1. Mix your paint onto one of the paper plates
  2. On the other paper plate write "Child's name - Dinosaur Skin - Date"
  3. Allow child to lay the bubble wrap into the paint.
  4. Place the bubble wrap paint side down on the paper plate.
  5. Press down or have some fun and pop the bubbles
  6. Remove the bubble wrap.
  7. Ta-da!
  8. *Helpful hint* The less paint you use the clearer the print.

Here we can see Little Paleontologist laying the bubble wrap on his plate to create the texture. 

Finished Dinosaur skin!

Little Paleontologist - Fine Motor / Science / Professions / Tactile 
Needed Items:

  • A tray to keep bits of chalk from everywhere
  • Small dowel rod, and paint brush
  • Fossil kit
  • Cost $5.00 for kit.
How To:
  1. We have been talking about who Paleontologists are and how they dig up fossils
  2. Give the child the chalk with dowel rod and brush
  3. Motivate child to dig to find the fossil
  4. Discuss if it was faster or slower then they expected
  5. Celebrate their discovery!
Here is our little paleontologist  as he begins to work on digging the chalk away to find the fossils. It is a great time to talk to him about how hard of a job it is. How they know where to dig and other open ended questions. 



Create your own Fossil - Fine Motor / Science / Professions / Tactile / Art
Needed Items:

  • Dinosaur Toy
  • Air Drying Clay
  • Cost $5.00 for Clay
How To:
  1. Have child select their favorite Dinosaur toy
  2. Create a small disc of clay 
  3. Have child push the foot into the clay
  4. Allow clay to harden.
  5. You can also expand on this by burying it in sand and letting the child discover their fossil.
Here is our little paleontologist stomping the foot into the clay to create his own fossil
Instant fossil!