Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program!

I was really bummed out to find out that our local library wasn't doing a reading program this year. So we devised our own. We are a family of readers. ( even those of us still learning!) We love to read!  Chandlers love of books has expanded into a love of counting in the past few days. He has mastered counting by tens to one hundred so we worked the golden number of 100 into our reading program.

I printed out a picture on cardstock with 100 books on it. We put it on the fridge for easy access and will cross one book off for every book we read.

Chandler has become very excited lately about writing, but not repetitive letters. So we decided to make a few book reflections. That way he can practice his letters in the title area, but not feel forced to write out a large amount of information. I want to keep the writing fun, and part of the adventure.  I also added a large section for him to illustrate the plot of the story. On the bottom I added a few emotional faces to lead into discussions about how the characters felt during the story.


Upon completion of each row of books he will get a small treat from our prize box. Just as they do in the summer reading program. When he finishes all the books he will have a ice cream party with friends!

I was a little sad at first hearing the program was closed but after creating our own - I am really excited!

                         Happy Reading everyone!

I am trying to  find a way to make files available for  you to use. If you would like me to email these printables to you I will happily do so!

Sink or Float

Total cost: - Free
Total Time: 10 -15 Minutes
Chandler and I selected things from around the house to test which would sink and which would float.  I drew a vase on cardstock and printed out pictures of the items he selected.

Step 1  : Fill clear container with water.
Step 2: have child take printed picture and put it where he thinks it belongs. Will it sink or float.
Step 3: Drop the real item in the water.
Step 4:  Glue the picture where it went.

How did you do?

A little drawing and clip art for a nice free project!

He was right!

Make a guess, then do a test! Document your findings!

Coins sink!

The only one he got wrong was ice. He is trying to put the car on it to make it sink. Still wrong, but I love his outside of the box thinking!

Finished! He had so much fun with this project!

Chandler did great, the only one he missed was an ice cube. He then tried to sit the car on it to make it sink, so he could still be correct. Love the outside of the box thinking!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Stingray Growth Project

I had been wanting to introduce measurement and charting to my little man but wanted a way to engage him and keep it both project based and hands on. It was on a visit to the local dollar store that Chandler answered the question for me. He found a stingray and showed it to me. What he didn't realize is that it was one of the grow-in-water toys. So we spent the dollar and home we returned to discover what would happen to this little stingray as we exposed him to water.

1 - Trace a grow in water animal.
2- Measure it with yarn.
3- Cut the yarn to the same length.
4- Measure the string 
5- Document the length.
6- Put in water for 3 days
7 - Repeat process
8- Document growth.

Skill sets: Measuring, Science, Scissor skills, Glue skills, Charting, Observation

Cost: $1.00

Tracing the original stingray before we put it in the water.

Measure and cut yard the length of the stingray.

Apply glue for our yarn

Glue yarn

Measure the yarn and document the findings.

Put the stingray into a bath or shoebox of water. Make sure it has room to grow.

Three days later we traced the grown stingray, and measured the yarn again.

It has grown!

Every scientist must document their discoveries!

Finished project!