Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chandler's (Almost) 4 - Year Old Assesment

I do not sit down and do worksheets with my son, but I choose to do an assessment every six months to help get an organized look at where he was and where he is and where to aim for the future. It helps me see where he is struggling and gives me the chance to dive into my beloved realm of homeschool blogs, pinterest and other wonderful areas for new games and crafts for us to explore together. He will be four in in 26 days from today so I won't do another on him until he is closer to five. Meep! I can't believe how fast my little one is growing up! Alas, it just makes me cling to our cuddle time more!

I started with a three year checklist to see if he was on point for his age.

 JUNE 27th, 2013 
 3 years and 11 months old


  1.  Follows 2 step unrelated directions -  Always
  2. Identifies at least 3 objects from a broad range of categories - Always
  3. Identifies objects by the sound they make -  Always
  4. Articulates clearly, speech intelligible 80% of the time -  Always
  5. Ask Simple Questions - Always
  6. Comments on story when being read to -  Always
  7. Spontaneously uses sentences of 3 to 5 words - Always
  8. Tells first and last time upon request -  Always
  9.  Knows family and friends names -  Always
  10.  Knows words to short song or rhyme.

Cognitive Skills:

  1. Points to 3 shapes - circle, square, triangle. - Always
  2. Points to primary colors - red, blue, yellow, green - Always
  3. Counts by rote to 10. -  Always
  4. Demonstrates concept of one and one more - Always
  5. Demonstrates concept of more or less -  Always
  6. Looks at books, turning one page at a time, talking about story and picture -  Always
  7. Imitates simple blog design produced by teacher (3 part bridges, 5 color train) - Always
  8. Engages in symbolic play (chair used as car, can used as hat) - Always
  9. Participates during large group activities - Always

Social / Emotional:

  1. Gives name of a friend - Always
  2. Follows rules without being reminded - Sometimes
  3. Takes turns with peers with adult supervision - Always
  4. Meets unfamiliar adults comfortably - Sometimes
  5. Is helpful  to adults and peers - Always
  6. Plays cooperatively with peers with adult help - Always 
  7. Can express feelings verbally - Say happy, sad, afraid, angry - Always
  8. Is a friendly, happy child -  Always
  9. Shows affection toward others, sympathy if someone is hurt- Sometimes
  10. Seeks help when experiencing difficulty, when sad or hungry - Always

Self-Help Skills:

  1. Uses spoon and fork to eat -Always
  2. Uses napkin to wipe mouth spontaneously - Always
  3. Undresses self independently - Always
  4. Indicated need to use the toilet - Always
  5. Toilets independently - Always
  6. Uses tissue to wipe nose - Always
  7. Operates large buttons and zippers on own clothing - Sometimes
  8. Pours from a small pitcher to a come - Sometimes
  9. Washes hands with soap and dries - Always
  10. Puts on his own coat - Always

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  1. Stands on right foot for 4 seconds - Always
  2. Walks down stairs  by alternating feet - Always
  3. Stands on left foot for 4 seconds - Always
  4. Stacks 10 or more 1 inch blocks -  Always
  5. Copies horizontal and vertical lines - Always
  6. Draws a circle and cross - Always
  7. Hops five feet - Always
  8. Walks on tiptoe - Always
  9. Throws ball forward -  Always
Going off of this checklist Chandler has mastered everything he should know at three except for a few areas that we are continuing to work on. Because he was doing so well on the three year old checklist, I let him have a run at the Prek - Kindergarden assessment and this is what I found:

 JUNE 27th, 2013 
 3 years and 11 months old

When checking to see if he knew his letters, numbers, or number sounds I pulled them randomly from a bucket so he couldn't just sing the song :-)

Lowercase Letters - abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 
Numbers -  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 
Writing the Letters -   All but struggled with v and j 
Child can write 1st name -  Yes -100%
Child can rote count to - 29 
Child can count objects to - 44
Child can write numbers -  1, 7 , 10
Child knows these shapes -  Square, Triangle,Rectangle,Oval,hexagon,pentagon

The other chart was covering stuff the three year old assessment already did so that information has already been covered. I am super proud of my soon-to-be four year old! Just goes to show that children can learn through life and through play! My next post will be on Tuesday where I cover the rest of our June activities!


  1. I don't know what all of those mean, but it sounds like he is doing good. I can't believe he's going to be 5 soon. It's crazy.

    1. No, he is going to be FOUR, he hasn't turned four yet. He will be four next month. He won't be five until JULY 2014! BTW, You are the first to comment on my blog! Huzzah!

  2. Wow he's doing well, I do ages and stages with the girls (ASQ) have you ever used that? What source of testing do you use? I don't recognize this

    1. I used ages and stages when I was in childcare. I honestly am blanking on the formatting of this one. I dug around and looked at several areas for a foundation for this. To much of it only covered one area, or were to simplistic. This covered most of it. Hard to believe I am a month away from doing this for his 5th year.

  3. aww he's so cute
    he looks like he is learning and having fun :)
    here is ours