Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Activities Part 2 : Of Creeks and Creatures

Lets go to the Zoo -  Science / Gross Motor / Nature / Animals / Ecosystems

What do you need:
  • A trip to the zoo!
He got to ride the carousel at the zoo. He picked a wolf.
He had wonderful fun talking about the other animals chasing him!
We had silly fun howling like the wolves we had seen earlier in the day.
The carousel offered a great chance for us to talk about what different animals ate.
It was a fun time to see if he remembered the facts I had shared on our venture into the park!

My Monkey surrounded by monkeys. Well, Great Apes actually. 
He fell in love with them. We talked about how they moved and interacted.
We looked at the poster and tried to spot each different Chimpanzee. It was fun! 
We talked about how different faces mean different things. We even practiced the faces in the mirror! 

They had a really cool exhibit of geyser. He really wanted to go play in it!

 His favorite part was absolutely the Dino exhibit. He had to ask every animal name. 
Then mimicked the sounds they were making. 
He discovered fossils at the dig site and even found baby dinosaur eggs!

Nature walk - Gross motor / Life Science / hot and cold / senses

What do you need?
  • Just go take a walk in the woods!
Below are some pictures from our nature walk! He found a creek and was scared to get his feet wet. After a few moments of being silly he dared to get a little wet. Then - He loved it! It was such a wonderful day of discovery splashing in the creek. It breaks my heart to see how many children are denied such a simple and perfect experience as cooling off in a creek on a hot summer day. Children are washable - let them get a little dirty now and again. Be observant and Be safe, but that doesn't require living in a sterile world of  recirculated air and the buzz of technology. We had both been a little grouchy before our discovery. Afterwards we felt closer than ever before and the ride home was full of giggles and story swamping. I will remember this discovery for many years to come.

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